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After I got settled into my new base, we would get bombed any number of times. I always put on a helmet and flak jacket until the Killmonger buy me in the ocean with my ancestors shirt moreover I will buy this episode was over. But I was in the minority. Most of the attacks were at night between 2:30 and 4:30 a.m. Most troops just got out of bed and ran for the shelter not far from our barracks. Like my friends at Cam Ranh Bay, they felt that the flak jackets would be worthless in a massive explosion situation, and the helmet and the flak jacket were kind of heavy and awkward to wear anyway. Regardless of how fortunate I was in not getting harmed, I always wore my helmet and flak jacket. Troops would sort of smile and shake their heads as they watched me put them on. I wasn’t totally alone, though. Others felt the way I did. But we were clearly in the minority. Most GI’s on Air Bases did not wear helmets or flak jackets, even during the times we got hit. And, that was the way it was in real life back in the ‘Nam. I once had a woman tell me, at her wedding reception, that she would have liked to have married me, but she didn’t think that I would make enough money to keep her happy. I took it pretty well, since, up to that point, I had not realized that she thought of me as a marriage prospect, and I had never thought of her in those terms. I dodged a bullet that I never knew was coming. “well, I wonder what corporate office would have to say about this…I don’t think they would be very happy about this.. besides when someone goes over the books and sees the large number of brownies sold versus the amounts of money donated..don’t you think that will raise some flags?” What is the most humiliating thing you have ever seen happen to a maid?

Killmonger buy me in the ocean with my ancestors shirt

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