Kansas City Chiefs one nation under God shirt

When readying for a party that comes after an event as iconic as the Kansas City Chiefs one nation under God shirt and by the same token and Oscars, a look that volleys between on-trend and timeless is an evening mandate. And though the combination of elements can be complicated in the carry-off, a stylized haircut goes a long way in achieving the right amount of relevancy. Case in point: Hailey Bieber,, whose blunt lob offered the perfect jumping-off point to an artful, sleek flip. Bieber’s hairstyle was appropriately statuesque, with her baby blonde lengths combed into a slicked side part, tucked behind ears, and left to fall neatly above shoulders. But along with the not-a-hair-astray texture, the impact came courtesy of the ends, which winged subtly outward for an extra wash of glamour. A bronzed glow, an overlined nude lip, and a smoked wing of eyeshadow teamed with diamond drop earrings for a well-practiced era-defining beauty moment that played well with Bieber’s standout mane. Considering a shift at length-level? A blunt cut gets points for contemporary versatility. A chemist for one of the biggest designer cosmetic brands in the world—I won’t say what the brand was, but you know it—called me to come in years ago, and I thought, Oh my God, this is huge,” recalls Rose-Marie Swift, makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty. Their meeting started the usual way. Hi, how are you, I love what you’re doing. The chemist complimented Swift’s product formulations (all-natural, organic) the way only a chemist can. “Then he said, ‘The cosmetic industry is destroying women’s cells.’” She takes a beat. “Cells. C-e-l-l-s.” I’ve listened to Swift tell this story three times now. Once over the phone, once at her home in Savannah, and once in the opening scenes of Toxic Beauty, a new documentary from filmmaker Phyllis Ellis, released today on Amazon and Apple TV. Each time, her signature bare face and bold lips animate as if it were the first telling, her voice rising and falling and pausing for dramatic effect. My mouth fell open,” she continues, “and I said, ‘Why don’t you say something?’ And you know what he said? He said, ‘I can’t.’ It’s a powerful start for the award-winning Toxic Beauty, which condenses a three-year investigation of the virtually unregulated chemicals in personal-care products into 90 thoughtful, thought-provoking minutes. Many will find it shocking, though Swift does not. This is a subject she knows personally.

Kansas City Chiefs one nation under God shirt

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