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I worked with a nurse that I had always thought was sultry and quiet; I don’t think anyone else thought of her that way as she was quite reserved, but I saw it in her eyes from day one. Within a year we began dating, and had a serious relationship going. She was typically introverted, but when we were alone, she was crazy hot and completely uninhibited. Day and night. At work, after all the patients and other staff had gone home, we sometimes fooled around in her SUV, the exam room, in a few of the offices (I think we broke an office chair in the process once), on the floor of the clinic, even on top of the nurse’s station (even though it was surrounded by windows, at ground-level, and people could have walked by and noticed us; not really my thing, but we were young and she was hard to say no to. She seemed to thrill at having sex in places where she might be seen).

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I had taken a job that I wasn’t real happy in, and saw an enviable position in another nearby state. I liked adventure, and decided I would try for the job. The only thing is, as a new hire in the other job I had precious little time off available. And, I was making good money, I can put up with a lot as long as the check hits the bank every week. I applied, and thought they would tell me as a candidate. Sure enough, they called and said they were interested. I again asked for a salary range, and they said it was “confidential”. Internet research on the job didn’t help, as it was a rare type of position and this organization’s salaries were everywhere, some very high for industry average, and some very low.

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So, I pointed out that this was a long drive for me, and Kamala Harris we have her back shirt. I told them I did not want a salary cut. Now, they always tell you not to ask for salary information up front, wait until you have an offer, but I was honest that I did not want to come all that way and take a precious day off if the salary range was not acceptable to me. I asked only for a range. They would not say. So, I get in and I have my portfolio and copies of my resume and I’ve used a day that I could have been at the beach or with my boyfriend or any other number of things more pleasant than a job interview.

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Kamala Harris we have her back shirt

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So, based on the prestige of the organization and the envious title, I agreed to come in to the interview. It was so sweltering hot that the air conditioning in the car only helped a little. And I’m wearing a full-court suit. It was so hot that when I took my lipstick out of my purse to put some on for the interview, the lipstick had turned to liquid and splashed all over my suit. Fortunately, I had come early, and was able to wipe most of it off and the pattern of the suit hopefully hid the rest. Well, she noticed it. She said that she remembered me calling, and said that she did not disclose the figure, or a range, because she wanted me to come in. She said she felt the job was a great opportunity for me. She said that the organization was prestigious. I began to gather my things.

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She admitted that they were having trouble filling the slot and that they were desperate to do so. Of course they were, no one in my field at the time would work for those wages. It was not a living wage. I had made more in a student internship. I told her in as even a tone as I could muster that I had made it clear when they wouldn’t tell me the range (it wasn’t even a range, but a take-it-or-leave-it) that I didn’t want to come in if the job was a pay cut; and she had still brought me in. She trailed me out, advising me to stay for the interview, and I would be inconveniencing the people who had gathered if I did not. I didn’t even turn around. I was the one being inconvenienced; the other people were at work at a job they were being paid for and had to come in anyway.

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We were salaried so we were not getting overtime doing this, and we never stole anything (unless you count the broken office chair; I still feel kinda bad about that one). She could have been a star of a ‘Nurses Gone Wild’ video, I was just along for the ride. Have you seen the “CrazyHot Matrix” video about women? This girl was in the upper-right of that scale. I have to say that I’m not proud to put this expose ‘out there’, but most of the ‘Nurses doing something they shouldn’t be doing’ stories are a bit depressing, so I wanted to add mine that might be a little more entertaining.

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