Jack Skellington that’s what I do i drink I hate people shirt

I had my cat for 10 yrs plus. Since it was a kitten. My family got a dog. It was a medium size dog. Not vicious by Any means. My cat decided he could not live in home with the dog and took off. A yr later, one night the cat returned home. We took him in and got him cleaned up and set up his litter box and filled his food and water dishes in the same space as he was always accustomed to. The next morning we discovered his lifeless body. He had passed away sometime during the night.

Jack Skellington that’s what I do i drink I hate people shirt

Cats and Horror Movies make me happy humans make my head hurt shirt

Dinosaurs watercolor licensed to carry small arm shirt

Needs Coffee this witch shirt

Jesus take the wheel please cause I can’t do it alone shirt

My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you it means your level of stupidity rendered me speechless shirt

Trump 2020 working harder than an ugly stripper shirt

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Peanuts 70th Anniversary Charles M. Schulz 1950-2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt

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Sting 69th Anniversary 1951-2020 signature thank you for the memories shirt

He Joe’s ’em she blows ’em shirt

I Don’t Pretend To Be Something I’m Not Shirt

I work hard so my pug can have a better life shirt

Reel Women Fish Hunt Camp Drink Beer Shirt

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Wolf before you go any further today is not the day shirt

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Others have answered the question related to Deus ex machina; but this leaves me wondering what to call this opposite scenario and what it would meanDeus ex Machina was used to show how the gods could resolve the knots of problems men tied themselves into. The opposite could be that men solved their own problems then the gods came along and destroyed them.It’s not the same as tragedy where there is something intrinsic to the characters that leads to their destruction. This where something completely unexpected destroys the best laid plans of mice and men.I’m reminded of a film I saw in the late 80s/ early 90s. The main character lives in the Eastern bloc. All through the film he is trying to get permission to visit Israel. It’s not the main plot; but at the end of the film he gets permission. The film’s closing scene shows his plane taking off for Tel Aviv. Then it simply blows up. No lead up, no clues, no tie to the plot. Just boom.

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