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She was a director at the latest company I worked for. She treated her secretary like a dog and all of the people around her like inferior objects. Rumors said that she was hired there because of her husband and not because of her actual skills. I always knew her cunning ways to make me inferior but I always had ways of exposing her. The secret is to be great at what you do so noone can doubt you. Because of two of her mistakes company lost money and I told her but not to anyone else. My funniest way of putting her in place was this: I used to be at the office at 5:30 in the morning. I know it sounds weird, but I am way more productive in the quiet morning hours. She used to come to the office at about 10–10:30 which seemed like a joke since everyone at her department was already at the office. So each time I saw her going to her office I was saying a kind goodmorning BUT while checking my watch and looking surprised at the time I was looking at. I know she felt bad for it but – trust me! – she deserved it. Being a boss means you have to be there before everyone and inspire people with your work not by screaming: “Fetch me my coffee” to an innocent hard working woman with two kids.

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I inject myself with stuff that would kill you so be nice vintage shirt

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Not sure if this experience was inappropriate or just a thing that happens. My first year of college in New Jersey 1975, I had one roommate who was more conservative, a golfer, and he decided to find a new roommate soon after the semester started. Second roommate was a perhaps somewhat militant young black man, who was not particularly friendly or talkative, and he didn’t like my art. He in fact went to housing to complain about the photos I had posted on my wall and was told whatever I had on my wall he would have to live with. My best college buddy was also black but he too did not find much common ground with my roommate, “Steve”. Now in 1975 I was a long hair hippie type white guy but was also viewed as “clean cut” for whatever reason. I had finished high school in the deep south, though I had come from New York (Long Island). Steve and I were quiet if not friendly roommates for most of the year, and some time in the Spring I woke one night to the sense of someone sitting on my bed in the dark.

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