Secret Santa or white elephant I’m too thick to argue can’t hear you over all this ass shirt gifts aren’t really meant to be heirlooms and don’t have to be costly. These occasions are really more about participating and keeping up all the merry and jolly of the season. Dollar stores are your friend, and with a little creativity, no one will know you didn’t buy their gift at a pricey boutique. If you know in advance if it’s a guy or girl, half your battle is won right there, although there are no hard and fast rules about that. Pack up an assortment of scented soaps or hand cream, some of the skincare stuff for a spa day box, or a few bottles of nail polish and some manicure tools. An assortment of nice hair clips and headbands if you draw a girl and none of your classmates has a pixie cut. For the guys consider a deck of playing cards or some of those gaming card packs, a few varieties of incense, and a couple of cans of energy drink for a Dudes Night In. If you don’t know or want to keep it neutral, you have a load of options. Try a few of the movie-sized boxes of candy you’ll find. Get a big mug, some flavored teas or hot cocoa, and some peppermints or M&Ms. Or maybe a box of tea lights or votives or a big pillar candle and a cute holder or two. Or a few pairs of fun, loud socks. And throw in a packet of face masks, regardless of what else you may buy for them. You’ll also find gift bags and tissue paper there too, so you can put together a nice little present for maybe ten bucks or even less.

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