I’m a native American woman just like a normal woman except much stronger shirt

Lewis Hamilton has clinched a I’m a native American woman just like a normal woman except much stronger shirt seventh world championship and become the most successful racing driver in history with a masterful victory in the Turkish Grand Prix. Watched an interview with Lewis and Dave Letterman yesterday and was so impressed by him, and now this! Congrats. Amazing Lewis an amazing drive, well-deserved win, and world champion again.Well done Lewis. Congratulations to our greatest sports champion. What a masterclass of a drive today, and such a fitting way to equal the great Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 World Drivers Championships. I’m so proud of him today. I echo your congratulations but hopefully, Michael is still with us. The jealous folk who post negative views are not worth worrying about! Your work has shown how brilliant your career has been !! You deserve every bit of this win hello you how are you doing today I hope you are okay, I am so sorry for trolling you seem to have an interesting post and it really starts my day I would love to send you a friend request but that would be rude without your permission do you mind sending me a friend request, God bless you. What a legendary drive today to show what a legend he is. Well deserved and uses his platform for such a good cause. The best thing he said was he wants to be apart of going around the different country’s and help human rights. The truth is that the whole world is not going to give Him that regards and respect anymore with the arrogance he displaying now

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I’m a native American woman just like a normal woman except much stronger shirt

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