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He stopped and said….wanna play ? In a way I wasn’t surprised, in another, I was. Yes….we did. An hour later, his wife came home. He wouldn’t even look at me. She was going on and on about the wallpaper to him and he just mumbled “yes”, left the room, and didn’t come out while I was there. What he didn’t realize was one of my good friends worked in the same office with him.

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Houston Astros get on the mound little fuka shirt

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A while later, a member of her church showed up in the store. She began to complain loudly on the store floor about the “discrimination” she was getting as a “good church going christian” by the company and how the company was looking to fire her for going to church. I pulled her into the back room to give her a verbal warning about her actions, and remind her the pending write-up was due to her actions in being tardy, not because of her religious faith or attending church. I reminded her that her other write-ups had nothing to do with church attendance and told her that her behavior was inappropriate on the sales floor. Then I sent her on her 15 minute break.

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I let her know she would be written up for her tardiness, and that it was the 3rd and final write up. She asked if that meant she would be fired. I told her that decision was for HR, not me, but it was possible (HR approved termination, the district manager wanted to speak to the other store management first). I reminded her that we had explained to her the other 2 times she had been written up that termination was a possibility and that she had repeatedly been made aware her tardiness was an issue.

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I put her to work, the whole time she was begging me to not tell anyone, asking me to alter the time clock for her, etc. I informed her that HR and the district manager had already been informed of her tardiness, and that she had been warned repeatedly about her tardiness. Around 2, I got the email from HR and the district manager that she could be written up for the 3rd instance of tardiness. We got 2 write ups and 9 documented verbal warnings in for tardiness for shifts and breaks in. After each write up, she’d be punctual as could be, for a week. Add in another week for verbal warnings.

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When I was 18 or 19 I worked at a service station. one afternoon the boss was gone and I was there alone. I was in the bathroom and had just started to piss when I heard the door and a lady walked into the Men’s room. i’m sure she saw me with my dick in hand, and a steady stream flowing. She turned around, walked out, got in her car, and drove away. I’m not shy anymore, but that was unexpected. Whether Meghan’s friends are named or not, makes little difference to the case; they will have to give evidence under oath – if they lie, they are guilty of another crime (perjury), compounding the issue.

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I did keep the secret. It was bad enough I played, didn’t need to ruin his life too. Before you preach to me…yes, I felt guilty. It truly amazes me how many married men play with other guys. You ladies would be shocked. Of all the years I’ve been self employed, not once has a married woman made the move on me. It’s always the horny husbands.

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