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At this point I told her that we recommended to never put a card down on the counter, we’d had several con artists who worked in pairs to steal cards, she said I’d already done that. So now we’re at the “I want a manager” stage, I ask the supervisor to call one up. The manager arrived. She informs the manager he has to call the police. Then her son moved his arm and said to his mom “Here I have it.” It had been under his forearm the whole 10 minutes or so that she’d gone after me. She told me to pick it up and finish her transaction. I did, the kid laughed looking me straight in the eyes.

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Hogitis loss of weekends missed work urge for bacon shirt

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My manager saw what had happened and banned them from the store, she had to sign paperwork to that effect. This was all pre cell phones and cameras in the stores. That said, and irrespective of culture; you don’t say anything and eat more at your place afterwards. If little food was served, it means that either they didn’t have any more, or didn’t plan on making what they have available to you. Once you’ve shared your email address with a bad actor, it will be sold again and again. At that point you can try unsubscribing but it doesn’t always work and there will always be new senders to unsubscribe from.

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