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One time on a Jewish holiday l went to dinner to a religious (Jewish) family’s house. A young woman who came from a non-religious background arrived a bit later. I do want to point out that religious Jews have very strict laws about what they can and cannot eat. So anyway, this Some girls go riding and drink too much it’s me I’m some girls shirt, let’s call her Susie, had put in tremendous effort to make a huge traditional dessert according to kosher law (kosher means that it can be eaten). Everything was going fine until the son of the couple living in the house started whispering.

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Some girls go riding and drink too much it’s me I’m some girls shirt

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I wasn’t doing anything. His girlfriend stopped over and she happened to be naked at the same time I was. As she walked across the living room, she lost her balance and fell back, landing right on me, as I was sitting on my chair and luckily breaking her fall. She must have still been disoriented, because no matter how many times she tried, she couldn’t quite get completely off my lap. She’d just keep getting up and falling back down again and if I remember, quite forcefully. Anyway, after quite a few attempts over a long period of time, I guess she just got so frustrated that she started moaning and screaming and finally just gave up and sat on my lap for awhile to rest, as she was shaking quite a bit for some reason.

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During the 2007–08 real estate crisis, my husband who was a real estate developer and home builder lost his business. We were slowly losing everything. My twin sisters husband was laid off from Albertsons during the same window after 23 years. My twin sister had taken on the responsibility of raising her twin granddaughters. My sister was 2 house payments behind and fearful of losing her house. My husband said “I will sell my motorcycle and trailer. We will circle our wagons and do whatever it takes to keep this family together.”

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He did and over the next year we sold furniture and everything of value out of both of our homes and we survived. It wasn’t an easy time. My brother in law took a job as a fuel tank driver at Camp Anaconda. Steve became known as “real fast” after the Good Friday roadside bombing. He told other drivers to “drive real fast.” He watched his friends die and saved those that he could. He spent 8 years in Iraq to help save the farm. Cindy and I both worked 2 jobs and our older kids helped babysit the twins. We learned to flip items to replace the furniture we had to sell and started Texas Twins Treasures.

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I’ve cut my brother out of my life. He was the golden child growing up and never really acted like a kid. My mom would put him up on a pedestal and basically ignore me. Others noticed it and she claimed if I felt bad about it, that it was my fault. The problem with my brother, is that he took off with the same attitude even in adulthood. He continues to be a control freak of the most annoying kind. He claims my folks insisted on making him power of attorney and being in charge of EVERYTHING because they wasted to protect me.

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Then l saw the mother walk over to Susie and whisper something in Some girls go riding and drink too much it’s me I’m some girls shirt. Susie became very upset, and asked me to step into the hallway with her. Apparently, the son of the household had deemed her food unfit for consumption. The food that she had worked so hard on. She asked me if l would take it home with me, and l said l would. We returned to the table and at some point an argument happened between me and the son. He claimed that he had made the right decision. I told him that he was wrong.

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