Friends princess and Frida drinking shirt

So 40 years later, I’m reminded of a certain jackass, Randy McCue, gym teacher Norwalk High School. He never liked me, I didn’t respect him. The mutual animosity began when I cut his class one too many times during the Friends princess and Frida drinking shirt moreover I will buy this 1st quarter of the school year. When he confronted me with the cuts & told me of his responsibility to fail (“F/A”) me for the quarter which would result in a denial of credit for the quarter, my response was OK, then I’ll not bother to report for PE until next quarter. And I didn’t!When Q2 began and we had the option to choose which of the many programs we were going to participate for the quarter, he rejected my choices and shanghai’d me into the jock-heavy class he was overseeing. Naturally, I asked why, he said I needed a lesson. I invite the reader to ask me what I know about street hockey. Answer: Nothing. What I did learn is that one can ‘accidentally’ get hit on the balls, and the infraction will only earn a whistle from the referee. I learned that when another guy on my team was ‘defending’ against a friend on mine (opposing team) who happened to be on the school hockey team. I had always heard rumors of just how painful getting hit there could be. that day I witnessed it. The referee (McCue) blew the whistle after the hit, and several people had to assist my teammate to the wall. He was not permitted to leave the mini-gym.We resumed play, but I displayed zero enthusiasm. I was ‘instructed’ to get my head in the game. I did not, I could not, I would not. I was berated by the referee, so I returned my stick to the bucket and took a seat. He asked me it we were going to have a problem. I said no, but you need to turn your hockey players down, this is gym class. He demanded I run laps, I refused. After that class

Friends princess and Frida drinking shirt

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