Free ish since 1865 vintage shrit

As the Free ish since 1865 vintage shrit in addition I really love this heat index steadily climbs, many of us will be seeking refuge—and social distancing—at the beach this summer, where we’ll swim, sun bask, and perhaps even squeeze in a full-body sculpting session. After all, a stretch of sand is “the perfect exercise medium,” according to the fitness guru Lydia Bach, who camouflaged some of her most effective toners as ordinary seaside activities in an Ishimuro-lensed fitness guide in Vogue’s July 1976 issue. Nearly 45 years later, those exercises—whether achieved while applying sunscreen or searching through a straw tote—are still stealth stretching and shaping at its very best. Exercises for thighs and lower stomach. Sit, legs outstretched. Leaning forward acts as a weight to thighs, makes exercise more difficult. Try to get hands past your knees on sand (near ankles is advanced strength). As you raise leg off sand, don’t let hands budge. Keep leg raised, point and flex foot 10 times. The lower you are able to lean, the more you increase stretch in lower back. Bike helmets unlock some deep-seated middle school discomfort around what is “cool.” For me, it’s enough to ruin the freeing experience of riding a bicycle in the first place. Suffice it to say: I hate helmets. Like many, I signed up for a Citibike membership as a way to get around during the pandemic. You should, of course, always wear a helmet. But I reasoned that since there weren’t any cars on the road, I could get away without one. That reasoning kind of worked during the weeks of no traffic, but as the city started opening up so did my chance of a head injury. So, much like wearing a face mask, I was compelled to do the responsible thing and find one that I could deal with. I went to Google and typed in a few key search terms: “chic bike helmets” “bike helmet fashion” and “cool helmets.” Many hours later, what I found is that no helmet is actually cool, chic, or fashionable. However, some are aesthetically better than others. I didn’t want an overly designed helmet, so that knocked out anything with an unusual shape, too much color, or a pattern. I found myself drawn towards darker solid colors (black, navy) and sleeker designs. They felt less offensive and more in line with my (all black) wardrobe. What I also learned in my research rabbit hole is that if you are going to get a helmet, which, again, you should, it should have MIPS technology (a.k.a.

Free ish since 1865 vintage shrit

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