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It is close to the beautiful Marina beach. If you travel from Parrys Corner, it is to your left just before the Napier bridge. And if you travel from Santhome Forget this place shirt, it is next to the Marina and Napier Bridge. There is no right turn at Napier Bridge, you have to make a circle at War Memorial and then take a left. This road is very close to the defense base, so sometimes you will be watched by the army guys. Not a big deal, it’s become popular after the VTV movie, so you can just click some pics there. The man in charge is called the Sealord of bravos, he has protectors which are called by the title first sword, second sword, third sword, and so on of bravos. Although I presume their oaths are a bit less extreme than the king’s guard of the Westeros. It is an institution with loads and loads of wealth. They play a great part in the politics around the globe by loaning money to kings, lords, masters, merchants of the world. If a king fails to pay the iron bank of bravos, there would be a new king. There is a famous saying that: “Iron bank will always have it’s due”. This is where Melissandre served before coming to Westeros. Headed by the archpriest Bernero. This temple is thrice the size of the Great Sept of Baelor, the official seat of seven in the king’s landing. It has a huge number of devotees too.

Forget this place shirt

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