Donald duck I’m the boss california shirt

Experts say suspected cases are Donald duck I’m the boss california shirt being added to the final count, and deaths from the virus are being attributed to underlying conditions. On the other hand, people are saying that the opposite is true. Doesn’t matter either except to the families involved. Remember in march all those videos of people dropping dead in the streets of China, fighting over ventilators in Italy, dead in the corridors, left to die in homes When Rona hit the UK all we had is dancing nurses and media stats and constant scare propaganda and yet no one I know seems to know anyone whose died from this thing apart from trolls online who can’t seem to provide me with a memorial page when I ask I don’t know if this thing exists anymore as the government seems to be pushing through certain rules, industries are gone, job loses cashless society. Brexit is impossible because it breaks up the union and destroys our economy. But fish and sovereignty issues headline as the sticking points; clearly this needs another decade of negotiations. By 2030 we will have rejoined and embraced the Euro and Schengen. Can’t wait. The demagogue has said: Don’t worry, anything more than the ordinary flu, it will go away anyway. This holiday season, after staying away from many of our loved ones for far too long, let’s show them that we truly love them by staying the hell away from them for a few more months. So not gonna happen. Expect even more cases after Thanksgiving then.

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Donald duck I’m the boss california shirt

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