Dallas Cowboys lady sassy classy and a tad badassy shirt

After my control-freak boyfriend left to visit his parents for the summer back in the late 1980s, I discovered how much better I felt and how peaceful it was without him around. I had wanted to end the relationship for some time, especially after he threatened to end it if I didn’t start acting more appreciative towards him. After he was gone a week, I wrote him a letter to break up with him, then packed all of his stuff and stored it in a closet near the front door. He never replied to the letter or called me to discuss the breakup, so I could only assume he was fine with it. He never apologized for his behavior or tried to win me back, so I think it was clear he no longer wanted to be in the relationship either.

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I was settling down for the evening I heard a knock at my door it was my sister in law she was in a long coat I assumed she was going out I was EVER SO WRONG. I had just signed my divorce papers that day she came in sat on the I told her she was looking fine as always. Make up flawless as always always dressed to kill I asked her what she was up to tonight she said she was looking for trouble and just found it and looking too get deep deep into it with you. I’ll said, well you have certainly come to the right place and right person she said I very well know that.

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She stood up dropped her long coat got on top of my coffee table in a breathtaking outfit asked me if I had eaten anything YET for dinner? She said, you can eat me for dinner and dessert all you want all night long you can start lick and eat your way from the bottom to top or you can lick and eat your way from top to bottom your call. I told her to turn around grab your ankle’s Ill start from the back I put my tong soo deep in her she almost passed out. We went to my room where she was screaming her ass off all night long for hours.

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Dallas Cowboys lady sassy classy and a tad badassy shirt

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Anyway, all of us, including the man in the big car pulled into a car park. Mum went out to talk to him. He was saying that it was her falt and that she should pay for a new tire for his car, while he had caused a lot more body work to her car. Then, I had a genius idea! I told my brother, and he agreed, gleefully. Wanna know what this idea was!? Me and my brother got out of the car and demanded “Huggies” from my mum. While doing this we got all of his information! His number plate, his name (because he was wearing a badge), his companies phone number and his phone number. When my mum was finished with him, we got back into our car.

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Our son was born two months premature. And my wife had to stay in a completely different hospital because good sam in puyallup doesn’t have the equipment for that young of child so I was in the Tacoma one and on top of all that our daughter was with friends on the other side of town. So not easy at all. The day my second husband and I went to get our marriage license I took off early from work. When I went to pick him up he was sitting on the couch with the laptop when I came in.

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When he returned at the end of the Dallas Cowboys lady sassy classy and a tad badassy shirt. I was at work, so I told him to call me to set up a time. I also asked for my house keys back. He said if I wanted my keys, he would have a set of copies made and sent to me. He did not want my keys, he just wanted to be spiteful and make me spend the money to have all the locks changed. He showed up a couple of days later without calling, as I was settling down to enjoy a quiet afternoon. I was angry that he had ignored my request to call first, and also for refusing to return the house keys he was no longer entitled to. So I relaxed in my favorite chair with a good book and a cup of tea, and ignored the repeated banging on the door and waited for him to leave.

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