Chicken today’s advice don’t be a Peckerhead shirt

I was so obsessed with it, that I had a period of my life of intensively reading shounen-ai manga. Shounen-ai is the Chicken today’s advice don’t be a Peckerhead shirt in contrast I will get this male couples genre. The more I read it, the more normal it became for me. Two males slowly fall in love and become a couple. They had the same struggles straight people face. Incompatibility, financial issues, age gaps, promiscuity, etc. It was a major point in my life to learn tolerance and acceptance of people who live lifestyles that aren’t universally accepted. LGBT rights are still not recognized in Southern Asian countries. There was a story of a lesbian couple that was set on fire after the villagers discovered they were a couple living together in Bangladesh. I truly believe that introducing gay couples at a young age normalizes it. There shouldn’t be an announcement about a couple being gay. They’re just a couple that is in love. When you expose children to gay couples, you teach them to be accepting of everyone. Despite their differences. Lots of children grew up being bullied for their sexual orientations.

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