Boo-Ty Booty Halloween shirt

Boo-Ty Booty Halloween shirt

When Buffy is trying to figure out why Principal Wood wants to go out with Boo-Ty Booty Halloween shirt. Buffy is saying all sorts of things and asking all sorts of questions so Willow says, ‘I’m going to wait until that sentence comes back around before I jump back on.’ Turning one of the sweetest characters on a nearly 7-year-old show into a cold-blooded murderer and having it be a completely natural character moment for her was nothing short of genius. Giles awakens Willow, who had fallen asleep (“Don’t warn the tadpoles!”) and reveals that the missing manuscript is a ritual to restore a weakened vampire back to health. Also “Bored Now” in Willow Rosenberg’s evil, vampire, Doppelganger.

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