Black Panther thank you for the memories signature shirt

Instead of getting the Black Panther thank you for the memories signature shirt and by the same token and clients to sign a power of attorney when they signed the paperwork for debt settlement, those documents were forged by my boss. I didn’t feel comfortable doing it and refused to sign the POA. I had to consistently lie to clients about when I was contacting their creditors. I didn’t agree with it. I thought they should just tell the clients we can’t contact their creditors for 6 months to get the best settlements. Although, I would settle some of the accounts earlier if I could get a good settlement. I was so uncomfortable having to lie to people every day. I was told I wasn’t convincing enough and I should do it like the other lady working there. I got so much anxiety from that job. They tried to fight my unemployment but, I got it despite their best efforts. I was so relieved not to work there anymore. The Attorney General shut them down. They have moved to another city and changed the name and the managing partners. One day I was handling the lunch rush of people coming by to pick up their prints on their lunch break. We had gotten a bit of a backup, and then a customer’s card got declined, so she called her issuer to get that figured out. She didn’t need to be put on hold so I did not have her stand aside, because it looked like her issue would be resolved quickly, and it was. Back in the ’70s my uncle visited my newlywed cousin at her home with her new husband in Phoenix. The weekend there was jolly and she and her husband demonstrated great affection and closeness, the very picture of newlywed happiness. In a private conversation with him, she went on at great length at how happy she was and was looking forward to starting a family with him and helping him in his business that was just getting off the ground. Smiles, hugs, and then the husband took him to the airport for the return flight to Kansas City. My uncle went to get his ticket then her husband waited in the boarding area with him. Just before he boarded the airplane, my uncle excused himself to use the bathroom and used the payphone nearby to call my cousin and told her there was an airplane ticket waiting for her at the airline’s ticket counter. He then rang off and boarded his flight after handshakes and smiles and cheerful banter with his son-in-law.

Black Panther thank you for the memories signature shirt

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