Black cat Jesus loves you and I’m trying shirt

After they left, I asked my husband why he didn’t tell me she hated mushrooms. He told me he forgot but I remembered he had told me that all the years he was growing up with her, they had had a rivalry to see who could pull the dirtiest trick on the other. They hated each other! I believe he knew full well that she detested mushrooms. I really wish he hadn’t used me as an instrument in their little game, especially since she and I had gotten off to a rocky start already.

Pig well done for being born many years ago shirt

Black cat Jesus loves you and I’m trying shirt

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I learned over the years that it wouldn’t have mattered—she would have found any number of reasons to hate and criticize me regardless. I later changed my attitude about that dinner. I was glad she was offended, inconvenienced and hungry because that was about the only time I actually did anything she had any grounds to criticize. So everything goes smooth leaving the house kids are happy. We didn’t forget anything. We had diapers and sippy cups. We are doing good.

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