The Beatles Abbey Road Moon Pumpkins Halloween shirt

I mean I agree I went on a bit too much, but I’ve had enough of these fraudsters. that try to pretend they have a medical condition that exempts them from a mask, that is why I made a point to him by showing him all the people in my line. I know he was lying because people who truly have these medical conditions don’t act defensive, they let us know and it’s over also the fact that he still had a mask just his nose was exposed. However this guy kept going on and on about how he has difficulty breathing repeating the same thing so many times. That’s when I knew, because we all are suffering, sometimes it gets really bad during hot temperatures that I feel light headed.

Your knee will bow and your tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord shirt

Trailer Park Boys way she goes boys vintage shirt

The Beatles Abbey Road Moon Pumpkins Halloween shirt

We don’t actually have a problem with cats roaming around, but we noticed how frequently a stray decides to mark our garden his territory (with shit) right after being fed by him. This is only logical since once a stray is fed, they won’t leave that place or go too far due to the food they can obtain without having to fight other cats for it. So, we told him to stop feeding the strays in a civilised manner as we didn’t have all the time in the world to argue or clean it up. However, he deemed us disrespectful for doing so and said, “So what if I want to feed them? You can’t tell me what to do,” to which my dad replied, “Yes, but please be a bit considerate as we don’t take pleasure in having to clean the shit all the time.” He then aggressively argued back, saying that we should just clean it up then, because “they’re not my cats and they can shit wherever they want”. He added, “It’s none of my business anyway. If it shits in your garden, it’s your problem.”

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Spaceballs the T shirt

Skull salty lil’ beach Veteran American flag shirt

A huge dispute ensued, but that poor excuse of a neighbour was stunned to silence by my dad’s factual arguments. As a last effort to justify his actions, he threatened to call a horde of thugs to beat my family. We knew better, though. He’s bluffing, because such thugs in my country don’t want to do any dirty work for anyone unless they are highly paid and the problem is worth it. Needless to say, he reluctantly “agreed” to stop feeding the strays (although he didn’t uphold it). My mum wasn’t as good at controlling her emotions as my dad and called that neighbour of ours “satan”. Heck, even the authorities in charge of my cluster despise him for being a selfish, inconsiderate, self-righteous bastard.

Official Satan is my sugar daddy shirt

Ride or die 20 years Fast and Furious 2001-2021 thank you for the memories shirt

I’m a grillmaster if BBQ were easy it would be called your mom shirt

I just want to work in my garden and hang out with my chickens shirt

David Bowie we can be heroes just for one day shirt

I had to go and break the sad news to my mom. The office mgr stopped me on the way out and told me that unless I came back to work that day, I’d not be eligible for my benefits. (In addition, they elected NOT to pay me for the one day I took off due to his death). I was devastated by dad’s death but I was a single mom and was not going to be paid if I did not work. The only way I could deal with this was just to come in and put my nose to the grindstone and just power thru. So I wasn’t very social with my co-workers. After about two weeks of this, my boss called me in.

Bulldog there is only one dangerous breed human shirt

Breast Cancer Awareness rose dragon shirt

No government would dissolve the monarchy unless there was an overwhelming desire in the country so to do. So there is no point in saying that the majority of the people would rise up and defend the sovereign. Remember that U.K. has been down this road before and the king lost his head. So, yes, Parliament has the power to remove the sovereign and appoint someone else. That is why criticism of the monarch is not allowed in Parliament for fear of revealing some unwanted facts!

Black cat say a bad word about Autism I will slap you so hard shirt

Baby Finn I’m a buff baby that can dance like a man shirt

Actually, our son walked in on us when he was like three or The Beatles Abbey Road Moon Pumpkins Halloween shirt. Luckily we were partially covered with bedding in our bedroom but he asked me if I could make him a snack and after I made him his snack he asked what we were doing and I just told him that his dad didn’t believe me when I said I was stronger than him so we were wrestling on the bed and I pinned down dad. He just kept watching TV and ate his snack. I guess he bought my story. Lol. Take care. So it’s like don’t give me that bullshit when we all are suffering from insufficient air to breath.

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