Bear day drinking because 2020 sucks vintage shirt

Although he didn’t have to use his investigative skills to ascertain that result. I went to work, he called me into the office and sacked me on the spot. I asked him if he was alright with sacking someone who’d never taken a day off, worked their way up to the main kitchen and was trusted by the staff and team leaders because he couldn’t keep his cock in his pants and he a personal score to settle (I had nothing left to lose), to which he replied, ‘’Fine thanks’.

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Bear day drinking because 2020 sucks vintage shirt

So I said, “Ok then. Please tell the head chef I’m extremely grateful for everything over the last two years, besides having to work for a jumped-up little prick like you. Thank you”, and left. Awful guy. Because I was popular with the staff he wanted me to report back to him and let him know which ones were doing drugs etc., grass on them for doing things that were none of his business. The kitchen ran like clockwork, nobody did anything *in* work, everybody was professional and never missed a beat so I told him where to go with that one as well. He looked like he wanted to sack me then but didn’t have much to go on.

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