Bad bunny santa claus Christmas ugly shirt

How can some people on here give Bad bunny santa claus Christmas ugly shirt  out nasty comments? Empathy and sympathy wouldn’t go amiss, to open up about something so painful and tragic people shouldn’t judge. Men find it hard to open up as it is! I find that they were very brave to share their experience. Timely practical advice and wise insights into walking with grief. I feel sorry for some of the commentators in this thread. Their lives must be so blighted by their negativity and nastiness. Comfort for the countless bereaved this year who will be coping with an empty chair this Christmas and beyond. These are two grieving fathers. Why people feel the need to make derogatory comments is beyond me. Would you say that to their faces? Just keep quiet; it’s not big and it’s not clever. People often do not what to say in the aftermath of losing a child, especially in tragic circumstances. They say things on the day of the funeral, like. Oh well, that’s the worst day over with when living every day without your child or children are the worst days. We are all human and out of our depths at times, people are just trying to be empathetic. Hold onto those who offer you the opportunity to speak and share experiences. Grief and life experiences may be different, but a listening ear, compassion, and love help. Two men bonded through their loss and in the conversation no reference to religion. If only people would realize more unites us than divides us. Two sincere gentlemen.

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Bad bunny santa claus Christmas ugly shirt

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