Aviator Pilots 6 pack shirt

Being an island is a major advantage Aviator Pilots 6 pack shirt
when it comes to keeping out a virus. But we refused to close our borders. Now it’s so bad other countries have to do it for us. Embarrassing. Don’t blame them they are only doing what the UK should of done in March, only they are doing it at the right time not dragging their heals like we would. The chaos of the next few days should be good practice for a no deal Brexit, at least. Tell me again that you all knew what you were voting for. Totally agree with countries closing borders to us shame we didnt do same back in march when we had all and sundry coming in. Just read an article on the new strain. Seems it’s been known of since September and is more than likely to have come from Europe. Bit harsh blaming the Poms. Oh good he’s chairing a meeting that once again he will be out of his depth in. The first thing he needs to do is get an extension to the transition. His first consideration must be the welfare of British citizens not Brexit for the benefit of foreign billionaire’s. This is what you get when you’re too generous, remember the most generous people at times are very stressed, Boris chose wealth over health for British citizens never closed borders business as usual. I’m annoyed flights in and out weren’t cancelled at the beginning of the pandemic. How did we have a fighting change of getting this under control with that variable. What a pity borders weren’t closed way back before we had our first case in britain

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Aviator Pilots 6 pack shirt

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