Andrew Cuomo vintage shirt

And, he assures me, he does not want to be Miami. Plus, his restaurant, 75 Main, is a mile from the Andrew Cuomo vintage shirt in other words I will buy this water. But what Erdem really means is he wants a good vibe, one where a restaurant transforms into a table-dancing hotspot as the evening goes on, made possible in the age of social distancing by creating something of a block party. (Which may, in fact, be possible: In late June, Southampton voted to try out a pilot program where its Main Street—on which 75 Main is located—is pedestrian only.) So he’s hired a DJ to play on the pavement, and put his tables eight feet apart. As the night goes on and the liquor flows, he hopes the atmosphere will escalate: “I want people to feel like they are in a nightclub. Where they can dance and no one will bother you.” How’s that going so far? “We had Paris Hilton recently,” he boasted. Andrew Cuomo vintage shirt

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