9 11 2001 we will never forget shirt

You see that little yellow, black and white picture up there next to my name? Thats a little bundle of adorable sat on my bed. And I open the 9 11 2001 we will never forget shirt but in fact I love this door to, surprisingly, my neighbor. I greet him, and while I can’t quite remember what he said, he ends up handing me a black bag with Cat written on it. But despite all that, I find her endlessly watchable. She’s cute enough but it’s not even about her being attractive. She just has a luminosity and force of personality about her, a movie star quality that shines through in every project she’s done regardless of the outcome. The first days afterwards were definitely the worst ones. Knowing that I’m now coming back to an empty house was pretty scary, knowing I’d have nobody to talk to for ages. But hey, I got through it. And though I resented the fact that my dad didn’t want another cat, it was fun while it lasted. The best way to get an apartment for rent, is to talk and convince the landlord that you are trustable. I was say so because I was always a skinny guy and had a low self esteem because of that. So from school time I had to develop a tough mind to make people stop bullying me and I succeeded. I talk rude, I act rude then slowly I became rude. So people no not bullies or try to mess with me. There was a time I beat the shit out of a bully who broke my bicycle lock during the interval time because I parked next to him. I got really mad that I picked a wood stick near to the parking lot and got really crazy. None of his friends were helping and this guy was scared as hell. But after that we became friends. I was also a top students so I actually have the option to manipulate teachers. So he was scared anyway. I’m still friends with him and he laughs when I mention it to him. Even at college I was a tough one. Because of my family issues things couldn’t get any worse and I had to visit my home for days because my parents and my sisters were just a crazy dog family and I was the only one with a common sense.

9 11 2001 we will never forget shirt

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