21 proud for puerto rico American shirt

Danielle you and your family are up there in my estimation. The courage the love and the hard work you are investing in your mum’s final stage of her illness needs to be applauded. God bless you all. Thanks for sharing the miseries facing old aged moms, salute to all those coping with a die, possibly dies can be same, but due to different age group and person to person the behaviour is different. God bless all patients and all those coping with different problems with health, safety, care, and the most happiness. You are doing a tremendous job with your mother and are so positive regardless of your own diagnosis. I wish you every success with the PGD IVF and hope it’s a long time before you experience any symptoms of HD. You are a true star. You are an absolutely awesome lady with an awesome mum stay safe and stay strong and above all stay positive healing energy sent to you all  I understand how hard caring for a parent is as I helped care for my dad who suffered from vascular dementia until he sadly died two weeks ago. od bless you. My father had HD and I’m the only one of four daughters who doesn’t have it. My oldest sister passed away in 2015 and its been hard on our family, mainly my sisters’ children and my mother. You are very strong and brave, and a fantastic daughter for taking care of your mum.21 proud for puerto rico American shirt

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