2021 Inauguration day Kamala Harris commemorative souvenir shirt

I am almost convinced that these bogus 2021 Inauguration day Kamala Harris commemorative souvenir shirt people and companies who have been contracted to supply goods and services without going out to tender are a way of laundering taxpayers’ money!!! It’s just all too fraudulent for words!!!! Someone needs to really look into all of this right now. Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. He should be ashamed of himself for charging that much and they should be ashamed for paying it. Profiting from a pandemic isn’t this just a wonderful example of humanity. There is a business struggling to keep staff on and stay afloat; there are children starving with no food as parents cannot afford to feed them; there are NHS and key workers working around the clock on very little pay to keep the country alive and running, there are UK companies who could make the PPE needed, their pleas for a contract were ignored, and yet this complete and utter jobsworth was paid. Keep voting conservative everyone, this is just a little blip. Completely out of character for them. Some people can’t help but get greedy when presented with weakness and urgency and need it’s like being blackmailed. This government believes so much in always seeking a profit that they’re incapable of being careful with the public purse. It’s cash to anyone who has the audacity to say that they can supply the stuff. No safeguards and no accountability. This stinks. Typical money goes to money. And to think working-class people were digging out free kids meals a few weeks back. Keep the lesser classes arguing among themselves

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2021 Inauguration day Kamala Harris commemorative souvenir shirt

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