2021 goals survive forget shirt

When I was a kid I was the official 2021 goals survive forget shirt parking lot personal attendant a placement marker for parking spots. This means when they saw a parking spot I was the one who stood in the space waiting for them to come back so it would not be occupied by another motorist. I was around 9 or 10 standing in a parking spot waiting for them to come around when some human thought a child standing in a parking spot was beneath them. They came zooming up to me in some giant sixties American car, coming close enough to move me back a little with their bumper. They are screaming at me to leave. It was impressed upon me to never give way. No matter what. My punishment was worse than whatever a vehicle could be done to me. Death was preferable to what they had in store for my punishment. I would not move. was made to be a girl by my stepmother. my parents divorced and I had to go live with my dad and his new wife and about a week after moving in my stepmother came home early from work and she caught me in her clothes. I was wearing a tight skirt top bra panties nylons and heels and after she caught me she made me stay dressed up and took me to see my father and my stepmother talked my father into allowing her to make me into her feminine daughter. My stepmother made real sure that I had really feminine dresses skirts tops and honestly I really started to like how I looked and felt a few months being like that. I fully became the daughter she always wanted.

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2021 goals survive forget shirt

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