2021 on 2020 off shirt

He can do what he likes with him 2021 on 2020 off shirt. It’s his right, he’s an adult and has the mental capacity to make his own decisions. It’s also no longer a crime to speak out against the monarchy, it is the 21st century after all. Another leftie luvvie with an over-inflated ego and a rather tiresome and pointless little protest. Regardless of his reasons, it is his prerogative. I think if my memory serves me well John Lennon returned his gong. The guy has lost the plot, never even thought he was a good actor. Even more hypocritical to have accepted it in the first place if he has views that conflict with having an honor from the monarchy. Perhaps he should move to a country that suits his political needs. People he is entitled to do what he wants, it is his choice. He was asked a question gave a truthful answer and you condemn him for it. Let’s are clearly having a monarchy or social security sponges? Has no place in a modern democracy. To perpetuate privilege based on birthright has no place in the 21st century. They should not be bowed down to or allowed to live a life of privilege or be provided with state funds. Their palaces and wealth should be removed and returned to the people oh and don’t start they bring money it this country shite. Of course, he was flattered and took it. I wouldn’t have. But that was then and this is now. And everyone has the right to change their frigging minds.

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2021 on 2020 off shirt

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