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The creepy guy (who I later found out was the HOA president) demanded again loudly to speak to our parents, so my sister handed him the phone. He proceeds to berate my father for us being loud and disrespectful to early in the morning, playing loud music and having a “teenage” party at his (my fathers) house when we should be in school. My dad has a very BIG laugh and after he stopped laughing he suggested the gentleman ask to see the mortgage agreement as the house was mine and any issues he has would best be directed to me the homeowner. Needless to say the HOA President was PISSED!

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2020 the year I got to be a mask maker essential shirt

Yes, and I have thought about it many times since. Similar to many women in their twenties, I didn’t really understand much about relationships. I had had a few chemistry-driven relationships that ended very badly, so when I met my husband I was attracted to him because it seemed like it was quieter, more practical and almost destined to be. Our parents had the same names. We grew up in nearby towns. We were raised in the same religion and had (I thought) similar values and interests. I believed my soon to be husband was a kind man.

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When we were coming up with our guest list and talking about who to invite, he wanted to invite everyone from his workplace except one person. I thought that was strange, as I was very inclusive and he appeared to be. I asked him about it and he talked about how “weird” this co-worker was and just was very disparaging of him. But he didn’t give any concrete examples of bad behaviors, etc. I had never met him, and of course I was busy with plans, so I just let it go. But I did think about the fact that it seemed kind of hurtful to leave just one person out—unless they were dangerous or something. On our wedding day his entire office was there, except this one co-worker, and I remember that it bothered me.

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i eventually found out my husband (now ex) was not a caring, compassionate man. He just put on a mask. He turned out to be a liar, cheater and an embezzler. It took me 25 years to figure it out. He was pretty good at deception and I was so invested in our family that I was willing to be deceived. But I am now sure that somehow this co-worker had found out something about my ex, so that my ex felt exposed in front of him. I knew there was something wrong when he didn’t invite this man and couldn’t offer any real reason. And that was confirmed when I met him.

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Democratic politicians know that the risk from opening schools and businesses isn’t that great, but want to keep those places closed until after the election to help Democrats win. I give this one a 55% chance of being true, at least to some extent. If this happened in, say, the summer of 2012, when Obama was running for reelection, and the tanking economy was hurting his poll numbers, I’d bet a lot more Democratic governors and pundits would be eager to open everything back up.

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The condo I bought had been sitting empty for almost 18 months and his son was trying to purchase it, I was quicker or had a better credit score or something. He voiced his complaints to me and I responded politely that we had not started until after 9am to start moving and that any music we had on was no louder than it was at this very moment. I had read through the HOA handbook to make sure there weren’t so called quiet hours and we were well outside of them. He was not happy and spent the better part of the next year attempting to make my life miserable, trying to fine me for a broken window that was broken by his grandson throwing a tennis ball against it.

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